Total Job

Finally, one single, easy-to-use platform for your entire company. Let us customize a streamlined system to take the stress, mess and toll away from ticketing. Take back your time. Energize your employees. Keep your customers happy. All in one afternoon of setup.

Free Account Options

Get access to your own company event tracking account or Logistics account at no charge.

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Simplify OG management E-Ticketing

Our tools replace needless and constant onslaught of emails, texts, phone calls and spreadsheet data entry. This lets your operations team focus on more important things.

  • Help dispatchers avoid burnout and stay on top of work.
  • Support different locations and lines of business.
  • Track costs along billing in real-time.

Easy-To-Use in the field

Minimize driver training by sticking to the bare essentials for tracking the work.
  • Get updates & paperwork faster.
  • Add nomeclature to match your specific tickets needs.
  • Available on both Android & iOS phones.

Win Over Customers

Keep your customer happy & informed with the Winning Customer Experience module.
  • Collaborate with other vendors and customers
  • Build customer specific tickets and dashboards
  • Available on Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Great for broker vendor management.

How we Help to Empower Your Business


Know exactly where each ticket is, who is working on it and what needs to be done next. Take control of your workflow.

Business Intelligence

See exactly what you need with up to the minute information so you can make the best possible decisions in real time.


The system automatically recalls & presents details and moves those details through the workflow. Never do data entry again.