Cut ticketing costs by 80% + double staff productivity WEEK ONE with Oil Command.

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Get Paid Faster

Increase Productivity

Create Trust

Remote Projects have never been closer

The modern construction project requires the very best tools to make sure that you come in under budget and on time! That goal starts with having the right information at the right time to make important decisions on how your jobs are going. Oil Command Construction lets your project managers keep detailed, accurate and easy to read & bill off of daily reports.

End-To-End Work Order Management

  • Dispatch work tickets as needed
  • Electronic Field Ticketing Solution includes Billing and Operational Details
  • Managers have real-time access to operational data
  • Back offices has immediate access to billable events & documentation

 Technology Overview:

  • Web based application
  • iOS Mobile App for iPhone & iPad with “Store Forward” capabilities
  • Documented API for accounting integration or dispatch
  • Custom Ticket Layouts Available / No programming necessary