Cut ticketing costs by 80% + double staff productivity WEEK ONE with Oil Command.

Capture Billing Leakage

Get Paid Faster

Increase Productivity

Show Value to Customers

The field application that keeps your focused on the job at hand and your office connected.

Easy-To-Use Field Application

Your field techs are given the simplest possible solution to get the job done. This means training and support are kept to a minimum.

Work Documentation & Billing

Creating an easy to read, accurate and detailed daily report is no chore from the mobile application and custom billing features.

Verify Time/Location

Your team can document their time and GPS locations when checkin. Letting you know that they are where they say they are.

Connectivity not required

The Oil Command Mobile App can run without internet connection and push information when connectivity is available.

Printing is no problem

Print to a thermal printer for situations that require a receipt to be left at location or print full pages from the web application.

Keep the your budgets up to date and never miss a beat on your remote projects.

Easy-To-Access Web Application

With a modern Chrome Browser and internet connection, employees are free to access their work Oil Command account.

Security + Chain Of Custody

Every detail is tracked by user in real-time from ticket creation, to dispatch, work documentation, approval and billing.

No Data Entry

Its no longer important to do manual data entry or excessive amounts of excel spreadsheet administration. Just create a report, click and go.


Billing has never been simpler with real-time access to signed field tickets with detailed billing details.

Integration Friendly

Oil Command is completely API driven. This means, you can move your data anywhere.