Part of Oil Command’s series of interviews with early adopters of our electronic ticketing platform.

I set down with Charlie Thomas, President of PerfX Wireline, to discuss how Oil Command’s e-ticketing solution has impacted operational efficiency for them. PerfX Wireline is a privately owned and operated wireline company based out of Minot, North Dakota serving the Bakken & Permian fields. PerfX Wireline specializes in pump-down perforating with the goal of improving horizontal well completions through faster, safer, and more efficient wireline operations.

Oil Command (OC) -You were an early adopter of Oil Command’s electronic ticketing software. How has PerfX Wireline benefited from this move?

Charlie – With our previous system we were unable to capture a lot of relevant information that we could use to benefit our business. Here are a couple of examples of some things that we can now track and analyze

  • Revenue earned by engineer
  • Stages completed by engineer (useful for tracking individualized efficiency statistics)
  • NPT by customer and by fleet

OC – The complexity of digitizing a wireline ticket amazed me. Can you tell me how many stages and how many line items you are aware of on the longest e-ticket you’ve created?

Charlie – Our largest ticket is probably 73 stages and roughly 300 line items.

OC – Can you compare and contrast this process in terms of paper versus e-ticketing for PerfX Wireline?

Charlie – We were generating tickets previously using Google Drive and Excel. It was a very cumbersome and inefficient process that made it too easy for our employees to make errors. Having the ability to track Field Tickets throughout its lifecycle and being able to update ticket a tickets “status” has really streamlined our operation and has reduced the time it takes to turn a Field Ticket into an invoice. Also, I sleep better at night knowing that we have a system in place that makes it very hard to make errors and where it would be very hard

OC – Without saying who your producer/operator customers are, can you tell me how the reception has been from them by you submitting electronic tickets to them instead of paper?

Charlie – To be honest I haven’t heard anything from our customers about it, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. When it comes to getting field tickets approved, the fewer questions they have the better. OilCommand provides them with all the information they need to decipher what our charges are and they have all the info they need to be able to confidently approve our tickets.

OC – Overall, what has been the bottom line impact to PerfX Wireline?

Charlie – It’s hard to put a number on it at this point. However, considering the data we now have access to and with the efficiency gain associated with our daily workflow, I can confidently say the cost is well worth it.

Oil Command would like to thank Charlie Thomas, President, PerfX Wireline and their entire staff for their support and endorsement of Oil Command.